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- Season 4 Episode 5 -

Aberaeron Georgian Houses

In the second quarter-final, two designers battle it out for a place in the semi-final. They both have £2,000 to be spent on two rooms and 48 hours across three days in which to complete their challenge. They see their workforce doubled to two decorators and two builders and they really will find out how hard it is to have one room finished and judged on day two. This time, the designers are in the pretty coastal town of Aberaeron in west Wales, a former fishing port. Both designers are tasked with transforming both a bedroom and a study come guest room, whilst incorporating the creative challenge - some rope - into their overall scheme. One designer draws on the surrounding Welsh influences to create their schemes, but will the client like it, especially as there will be a big retro-inspired theme throughout? The other designer finds that a nautical-themed design plan might not be the best option, especially when judges Kelly and Daniel have to step in. Both designers find that having two rooms to complete is extremely physically as well as personally challenging! Meanwhile, architectural historian Tom Dyckhoff explores the coastal village and uncovers its far-reaching architectural influences and finds out why each Georgian house is painted a different colour.

Year started: 2014
IMDB rating: 7.7
Categories: Documentary
Stars: Tom Dyckhoff  Daniel Hopwood  Sophie Robinson  Kelly Hoppen 
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