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The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Show more Show less The Ellen Degeneres Show features celebrity interviews and musical guests with segments that spotlight real people and fans of the show. Each day after her monologue, Ellen dances her way to center stage in an unbridled show of enthusiasm, with the help of the show's resident DJ, Tony Okungbowa. In addition, Ellen features audience participation, from bringing studio guests into the "luxury box" to inviting the audience to dance along with her. The Ellen Degeneres Show has been ranked among the top daytime talk shows by "Entertainment Weekly", "New York Times", and "TV Guide". Season 2 brought The Ellen Degeneres Show 12 Daytime Emmy nominations, a feat never earned by a daytime talk show, and won 4 Emmys including Outstanding Talk Show. Year started: 2003
Creators: n/A 
IMDB rating: 7.4
Categories: Celebrities Comedy Interview Talk-Show
Show more Show less Stars: Ellen DeGeneres  Tony Okungbowa  Ted Stryker  Jon Abrahams  Scotty K  Ellen DeGeneres  Ellen DeGeneres  Andy Lassner  Ed Glavin  Jim Paratore  Mary Connelly  Stephen   Lauren Graham  Wanda Sykes  David Spade 
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Streaming episode S14E175 Now!
Liev Schreiber, Brett Eldredge
Season 14 Episode 175
Streaming episode S14E174 Now!
Owen Wilson, Curtis Stone, Sofi...
Season 14 Episode 174
Streaming episode S14E173 Now!
Mark Wahlberg, Judd Apatow, Dan...
Season 14 Episode 173
Streaming episode S14E172 Now!
Kerry Washington, Scott Speedma...
Season 14 Episode 172
Streaming episode S14E170 Now!
The most touching and inspiring...
Season 14 Episode 170
Streaming episode S14E166 Now!
NFL star Jon Dorenbos presents ...
Season 14 Episode 166
Streaming episode S14E157 Now!
Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Mari...
Season 14 Episode 157
Streaming episode S14E154 Now!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tom Holland
Season 14 Episode 154
Streaming episode S14E153 Now!
Nicole Kidman, Giada De Laurentiis
Season 14 Episode 153
Streaming episode S14E152 Now!
Colin Farrell, Normani Kordei &...
Season 14 Episode 152
Streaming episode S14E149 Now!
Alec Baldwin, Taylor Schilling
Season 14 Episode 149
Streaming episode S14E147 Now!
Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Langf...
Season 14 Episode 147
Streaming episode S14E146 Now!
The 'Puppy Episode' 20th Annive...
Season 14 Episode 146
Streaming episode S14E142 Now!
Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Sandberg...
Season 14 Episode 142
Streaming episode S14E140 Now!
Tracee Ellis Ross, 'DWTS' – Dav...
Season 14 Episode 140
Streaming episode S14E139 Now!
Magic Johnson, Nicole Richie, T...
Season 14 Episode 139
Streaming episode S14E138 Now!
Carson Daly, Rob Delaney, Spoon
Season 14 Episode 138
Streaming episode S14E137 Now!
Simone Biles, 'Little Big Shots...
Season 14 Episode 137
Streaming episode S14E136 Now!
Rob Lowe and his sons Matthew a...
Season 14 Episode 136
Streaming episode S14E135 Now!
Chris Hardwick, Kunal Nayyar, '...
Season 14 Episode 135
Streaming episode S14E132 Now!
Justin Theroux, 'DWTS' – Erika ...
Season 14 Episode 132
Streaming episode S14E129 Now!
Zach Braff, Demi Lovato, Demarj...
Season 14 Episode 129
Streaming episode S14E127 Now!
Chris Evans, McKenna Grace, Lew...
Season 14 Episode 127
Streaming episode S14E126 Now!
Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, ...
Season 14 Episode 126
Streaming episode S14E123 Now!
Claire Danes, Andy Puddicombe, ...
Season 14 Episode 123
Streaming episode S14E118 Now!
Dax Shepard, Ryan Leaf, Rag'n'B...
Season 14 Episode 118
Streaming episode S14E117 Now!
Minnie Driver, Luke Evans, Noah...
Season 14 Episode 117
Streaming episode S14E115 Now!
George W. Bush, Lily Collins, F...
Season 14 Episode 115
Streaming episode S14E114 Now!
Scott Foley, Little Big Town, T...
Season 14 Episode 114
Streaming episode S14E113 Now!
David Spade, Claire & Dave Crosby
Season 14 Episode 113
Streaming episode S14E111 Now!
Ryan Seacrest, John Mayer, Rach...
Season 14 Episode 111
Streaming episode S14E103 Now!
Nick Viall, Charlie Day, Ed She...
Season 14 Episode 103
Streaming episode S14E102 Now!
Khloe Kardashian, Lin-Manuel Mi...
Season 14 Episode 102
Streaming episode S14E101 Now!
Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Gigi Hadid
Season 14 Episode 101
Streaming episode S14E99 Now!
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, James Cor...
Season 14 Episode 99
Streaming episode S14E98 Now!
Tracy Morgan, Vanessa Hudgens, ...
Season 14 Episode 98
Streaming episode S14E92 Now!
Timothy Olyphant, Mario Lopez, ...
Season 14 Episode 92
Streaming episode S14E90 Now!
Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Ande...
Season 14 Episode 90
Streaming episode S14E87 Now!
Dennis Quaid, Katie Couric, Jam...
Season 14 Episode 87
Streaming episode S14E86 Now!
Annette Bening, Ken Jong, Old D...
Season 14 Episode 86
Streaming episode S14E84 Now!
Matt LeBlanc, Deepika Padukone
Season 14 Episode 84
Streaming episode S14E83 Now!
Kerry Washington, Corey Hawkins...
Season 14 Episode 83
Streaming episode S14E80 Now!
Howie Mandel, Laurie Hernandez
Season 14 Episode 80
Streaming episode S14E79 Now!
Mark Wahlberg, Octavia Spencer,...
Season 14 Episode 79
Streaming episode S14E78 Now!
Ben Affleck, Ruby Rose, Shaping...
Season 14 Episode 78
Streaming episode S14E77 Now!
Jessica Biel, Millie Bobby Brown
Season 14 Episode 77
Streaming episode S14E75 Now!
Jimmy Fallon, Janelle Monae, Ph...
Season 14 Episode 75
Streaming episode S14E72 Now!
Jim Parsons, Cass McCombs, Sabr...
Season 14 Episode 72
Streaming episode S14E71 Now!
Rosemarie DeWitt, Alicia Keys
Season 14 Episode 71
Streaming episode S14E70 Now!
Matthew McConaughey, Kings of Leon
Season 14 Episode 70
Streaming episode S14E69 Now!
Reese Witherspoon, Joshua Jacks...
Season 14 Episode 69
Streaming episode S14E67 Now!
Ryan Gosling, Olivia Munn, Mack...
Season 14 Episode 67
Streaming episode S14E66 Now!
Day 12 of 12 Days, Will Smith, ...
Season 14 Episode 66
Streaming episode S14E65 Now!
Day 11 of 12 Days, Natalie Port...
Season 14 Episode 65
Streaming episode S14E64 Now!
Day 10 of 12 Days, Amy Schumer,...
Season 14 Episode 64
Streaming episode S14E63 Now!
Day 9 of 12 Days, Justin Bieber...
Season 14 Episode 63
Streaming episode S14E62 Now!
Day 8 of 12 Days, Blake Shelton...
Season 14 Episode 62
Streaming episode S14E61 Now!
Day 7 of 12 Days, T.J. Miller, ...
Season 14 Episode 61
Streaming episode S14E60 Now!
Day 6 of 12 Days, Jennifer Anis...
Season 14 Episode 60
Streaming episode S14E59 Now!
Day 5 of 12 Days, Tracee Ellis ...
Season 14 Episode 59
Streaming episode S14E58 Now!
Day 4 of 12 Days, Helen Mirren,...
Season 14 Episode 58
Streaming episode S14E57 Now!
Day 3 of 12 Days, Mariah Carey,...
Season 14 Episode 57
Streaming episode S14E56 Now!
Day 2 of 12 Days, Lauren Graham...
Season 14 Episode 56
Streaming episode S14E55 Now!
Day 1 of 12 Days, Emma Stone, A...
Season 14 Episode 55
Streaming episode S14E54 Now!
Serena Williams, Vince Vaughn
Season 14 Episode 54
Streaming episode S14E52 Now!
Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Ricky M...
Season 14 Episode 52
Streaming episode S14E51 Now!
Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Willia...
Season 14 Episode 51
Streaming episode S14E50 Now!
Diane Keaton, David Blaine, Jam...
Season 14 Episode 50
Streaming episode S14E49 Now!
Kristen Stewart, Lin-Manuel Mir...
Season 14 Episode 49
Streaming episode S14E48 Now!
Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt
Season 14 Episode 48
Streaming episode S14E45 Now!
Jessica Alba, Sen. Elizabeth Wa...
Season 14 Episode 45
Streaming episode S14E44 Now!
Justin Timberlake, Gabrielle Union
Season 14 Episode 44
Streaming episode S14E43 Now!
Adam Levine, Julianne Moore, Ma...
Season 14 Episode 43
Streaming episode S14E41 Now!
Ronda Rousey, Jake Gyllenhaal
Season 14 Episode 41
Streaming episode S14E40 Now!
Heidi Klum, Beth Behrs, Ariana ...
Season 14 Episode 40
Streaming episode S14E39 Now!
Ricky Gervais, Kenny Chesney, M...
Season 14 Episode 39
Streaming episode S14E37 Now!
Anna Kendrick, Martha Stewart &...
Season 14 Episode 37
Streaming episode S14E36 Now!
Vince Vaughn, Priyanka Chopra, ...
Season 14 Episode 36
Streaming episode S14E33 Now!
Rachel McAdams, Kym Douglas, Ju...
Season 14 Episode 33
Streaming episode S14E32 Now!
Tyler Perry, Lewis Hamilton, Ma...
Season 14 Episode 32
Streaming episode S14E31 Now!
Shia LaBeouf, Jesse Williams, J...
Season 14 Episode 31
Streaming episode S14E30 Now!
Wanda Sykes, Steve Spangler, th...
Season 14 Episode 30
Streaming episode S14E29 Now!
Hillary Clinton, Bryan Cranston
Season 14 Episode 29
Streaming episode S14E28 Now!
Colin Farrell, Laverne Cox, Joh...
Season 14 Episode 28
Streaming episode S14E27 Now!
Taye Diggs, Sarah Hyland, Basti...
Season 14 Episode 27
Streaming episode S14E26 Now!
Khloe Kardashian, the Band Perr...
Season 14 Episode 26
Streaming episode S14E25 Now!
Hilary Duff, Laurie Hernandez &...
Season 14 Episode 25
Streaming episode S14E23 Now!
Christian Slater, The Clairvoyants
Season 14 Episode 23
Streaming episode S14E22 Now!
Taylor Lautner, Tatyana McFadde...
Season 14 Episode 22
Streaming episode S14E21 Now!
Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen
Season 14 Episode 21
Streaming episode S14E20 Now!
Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Stevie Nick...
Season 14 Episode 20
Streaming episode S14E19 Now!
LL Cool J, John Turturro, Sofie...
Season 14 Episode 19
Streaming episode S14E18 Now!
Miley Cyrus Guest Hosts, Sarah ...
Season 14 Episode 18
Streaming episode S14E16 Now!
Allison Janney, Usain Bolt, Sha...
Season 14 Episode 16
Streaming episode S14E15 Now!
Lea Michele, Bill O’Reilly, X A...
Season 14 Episode 15
Streaming episode S14E14 Now!
Gwen Stefani, Tig Notaro, Calum...
Season 14 Episode 14
Streaming episode S14E13 Now!
Kate Hudson, Gabrielle Union, X...
Season 14 Episode 13
Streaming episode S14E12 Now!
Lupita Nyong'o, Sen. Tim Kaine,...
Season 14 Episode 12
Streaming episode S14E11 Now!
Kristen Bell, Michael Phelps, J...
Season 14 Episode 11
Streaming episode S14E09 Now!
Seth Rogen, Carrie Underwood
Season 14 Episode 9
Streaming episode S14E08 Now!
Jimmy Kimmel, Scott Eastwood, C...
Season 14 Episode 8
Streaming episode S14E07 Now!
Hillary Clinton(canceled), Aria...
Season 14 Episode 7
Streaming episode S14E06 Now!
Michelle Obama, Stephen Curry, ...
Season 14 Episode 6
Streaming episode S14E05 Now!
Celine Dion, Ryan Lochte, Chery...
Season 14 Episode 5
Streaming episode S14E02 Now!
Britney Spears, LeBron James, A...
Season 14 Episode 2
Streaming episode S14E01 Now!
Channing Tatum, Simone Biles, M...
Season 14 Episode 1
Streaming episode S13E177 Now!
Diane Keaton, Tig Notaro, Dan &...
Season 13 Episode 177
Streaming episode S13E173 Now!
Ed O'Neill, Wendy Williams, Ibt...
Season 13 Episode 173
Streaming episode S13E172 Now!
Ellen's favorite moments of Sea...
Season 13 Episode 172
Streaming episode S13E171 Now!
Ellen's favorite moments with a...
Season 13 Episode 171
Streaming episode S13E170 Now!
The best of the Kardashians, wi...
Season 13 Episode 170
Streaming episode S13E169 Now!
Ellen's favorite human interest...
Season 13 Episode 169
Streaming episode S13E168 Now!
Ellen's favorite staff moments,...
Season 13 Episode 168
Streaming episode S13E167 Now!
The Best of ellentube with Tyle...
Season 13 Episode 167
Streaming episode S13E166 Now!
Ellen’s Favorite Moments with M...
Season 13 Episode 166
Streaming episode S13E164 Now!
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kevin Nealon
Season 13 Episode 164
Streaming episode S13E163 Now!
The Cast of 'Ghostbusters,' Hil...
Season 13 Episode 163
Streaming episode S13E157 Now!
Colin Farrell, Macklemore & Rya...
Season 13 Episode 157
Streaming episode S13E156 Now!
Christina Aguilera, Bryce Dalla...
Season 13 Episode 156
Streaming episode S13E141 Now!
Ellen Pompeo, Jodie Sweetin & K...
Season 13 Episode 141
Streaming episode S13E139 Now!
Jessica Chastain, Meghan Trainor
Season 13 Episode 139
Streaming episode S13E137 Now!
Chris Hemsworth, Jurnee Smollet...
Season 13 Episode 137
Streaming episode S13E136 Now!
Emilia Clarke, Shaquille O'Neal
Season 13 Episode 136
Streaming episode S13E135 Now!
Sylvester Stallone, Gabrielle R...
Season 13 Episode 135
Streaming episode S13E134 Now!
Eric Stonestreet, Jerrod Carmic...
Season 13 Episode 134
Streaming episode S13E133 Now!
Elizabeth Banks, Nyle DiMarco &...
Season 13 Episode 133
Streaming episode S13E132 Now!
Melissa McCarthy, Bob Odenkirk,...
Season 13 Episode 132