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- Season 20 Episode 7 -

Oh, Jeez

Denmark's troll-hunting crusaders celebrate a premature victory, while Butters discovers the secret behind Cartman's nice new girlfriend. Kyle gets closer to discovering his father's place at troll-ground-zero, but may not survive long enough to confront him, as the "Member Berries" unleash their unoriginal, but epically nostalgic secret weapon.

Year started: 1997
IMDB rating: 8.8
Categories: Animation Comedy
Stars: Trey Parker (2)  Matt Stone  Mona Marshall  April Stewart  Eliza Schneider  Mary Kay Bergman  Trey Parker (2)  Matt Stone  Brian Graden  Frank C. Agnone, II  Matt Stone  Trey Parker (2)  Debbie Liebling  Anne Garefino  Brian Graden 
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