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Saturday Night Live Episodes of Season 1

Saturday Night Live
Show more Show less A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band, and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here. Written by
Tad Dibbern
Year started: 1975
IMDB rating: 8.2
Categories: Comedy Music
Stars: Don Pardo  Lenny Pickett  Darrell Hammond 
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Streaming episode S01E24 Now!
Kris Kristofferson / Rita Coolidge
Season 1 Episode 24
Streaming episode S01E23 Now!
Louise Lasser / Preservation Ha...
Season 1 Episode 23
Streaming episode S01E22 Now!
Elliott Gould / Leon Redbone
Season 1 Episode 22
Streaming episode S01E21 Now!
Buck Henry / Gordon Lightfoot
Season 1 Episode 21
Streaming episode S01E20 Now!
Dyan Cannon / Leon & Mary Russell
Season 1 Episode 20
Streaming episode S01E18 Now!
Raquel Welch / Phoebe Snow, Joh...
Season 1 Episode 18
Streaming episode S01E17 Now!
Ron Nessen / Patti Smith Group
Season 1 Episode 17
Streaming episode S01E16 Now!
Anthony Perkins / Betty Carter
Season 1 Episode 16
Streaming episode S01E11 Now!
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore / Nei...
Season 1 Episode 11
Streaming episode S01E10 Now!
Buck Henry / Bill Withers, Toni...
Season 1 Episode 10
Streaming episode S01E08 Now!
Candice Bergen / Martha Reeves,...
Season 1 Episode 8
Streaming episode S01E07 Now!
Richard Pryor / Gil-Scott Heron
Season 1 Episode 7
Streaming episode S01E05 Now!
Robert Klein / ABBA, Loudon Wai...
Season 1 Episode 5
Streaming episode S01E04 Now!
Candice Bergen / Esther Phillips
Season 1 Episode 4
Streaming episode S01E03 Now!
Rob Reiner / John Belushi as
Season 1 Episode 3
Streaming episode S01E02 Now!
Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel, Ran...
Season 1 Episode 2
Streaming episode S01E01 Now!
George Carlin / Billy Preston, ...
Season 1 Episode 1