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- Season 1 Episode 6 -

Horrible Sandwiches


Aunty Peg's funeral and wake coincides with Josh's twenty-first birthday, the former which takes precedent for the day as Aunty Peg has basically dictated how the day should proceed, although Tom and Claire are holding a small party for Josh after the wake. Despite Geoffrey and Josh having broken up, and Tom and Niamh having broken up, Geoffrey and Niamh are surprise attendees at the proceedings, they who may or may not be as welcome as they expect. Another surprise attendee is Mae, who meets Rose for the first time, as Alan meets Rod also for the first time. The ...

Year started: 2013
IMDB rating: 8.3
Categories: Comedy Drama
Stars: Josh Thomas  Thomas Ward  Caitlin Stasey  David Roberts  Debra Lawrance  Renee Lim 
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