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- Season 1 Episode 4 -

All You Can Eat


Now that Josh has been unceremonious outed to his family, and Geoffrey identified as his boyfriend, Josh decides to break up with Geoffrey, realizing that his attraction to Geoffrey is only physical. Conversely, Mum decides to try online dating and asks Josh to help her in the process. This move, in turn, affects Dad and Mae's relationship, Mae who issues an ultimatum. Tom anxiously awaits hearing from Niamh so that they can discuss what to do about her pregnancy. The issue lures Tom back to Niamh emotionally. But as newly single Josh, Tom and Claire decide to go out ...

Year started: 2013
IMDB rating: 8.3
Categories: Comedy Drama
Stars: Josh Thomas  Thomas Ward  Caitlin Stasey  David Roberts  Debra Lawrance  Renee Lim 
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