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- Season 1 Episode 3 -

100 Mile Walk

Delighted with his beautiful new wheat crop, Charles is in a position to buy new dresses for his daughters, a warm coat for Caroline, and maybe even some new boots for himself--not to mention an ideal team of horses that the family's newfound financial position can now afford. It all sounds like a dream come true, but the Ingalls receive a shocking wakeup call when a harsh hailstorm destroys the entire crop. Determined to make it through this difficult time, Charles heads off to find some work, and along the way he encounters two fellow husbands and fathers in the same situation as he. While Caroline, the girls, and the other women of Walnut Grove do some important work of their own in Walnut Grove, Charles and his new friends accept jobs that offer good pay and dangerous consequences. [+]more

Year started: 1974
IMDB rating: 7.4
Categories: Children Drama Western
Stars: Dabbs Greer  Dean Butler  Jason Bateman  Jennifer Steffin  Jonathan Gilbert  Karen Grassle  Katherine MacGregor  Lindsay  Lindsay Greenbush  Linwood Boomer  Matthew Labyorteaux  Melissa Gilbert  Melissa Sue Anderson  Merlin Olsen  Michael Landon  Michelle Steffin  Patrick Labyorteaux  Sidney Greenbush  Wendi Turnbaugh 

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